How to Improve Your Sex Drive as a Man?

Men generally experience low libido in their 40s. That is because their bodies generally do not produce as much testosterone as before. It is important to note, however, that libido is not the same in every person. There are some that have a naturally higher libido than others, so it is unfair to say that if a person generally doesn’t have a desire for sex, that they are instantly deemed as ‘broken’. That is just not the case.

Despite the fact that biology can play a huge role in a man’s sex drive, men can take solace in the fact that there are certain things they can do to, at least, curb its effects in lowering libido.

Good supplements for men in Malaysia flood the market simply because men need a little extra push, but there are also other ways to achieve the same effect as well.

Put Down that Extra Bottle

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a lower desire for sex, especially for men in their 40s. Now, you might contradict this notion, especially since alcohol can actually act as your liquid courage.

However, scientifically speaking, excessive alcohol consumption can actually lead to the destruction of testicular cells that are responsible for the production of testosterone.If you are having a hard time curbing or eliminating the habit, start limiting your alcohol intake. A glass or two a day will be fine.

Get More Zinc

There is a reason why oysters are great aphrodisiacs because they contain a lot of Zinc, a mineral that is found to boost testosterone production in men. If you want to eat foods that contain a lot of zinc, you can eat more seafood, beans, and cereals, to name a few. If you still find that you have lower levels of zinc, you can take supplements instead.

Limit Your Stress

Stress is actually one of the leading causes of suppressed libido. I know that stress is always going to be a part of our lives, but you must do things that will help limit its effect on your life.

For example, if you call yourself a workaholic, try limiting your working hours and leaving work at the office. Better yet, hang out with your buddies or people whose company you enjoy.

Get Some Aerobics

Aerobic exercises can help improve your overall endurance. This also does wonders for your sex life as well. Incorporate more aerobics into your life; a simple 30-minute brisk walking should do the trick.

In addition, you may also want to add in some resistance training into your regimen as well since these exercises are known to boost testosterone production.

Have More Sex

They say that ‘practice makes perfect’ and it actually does, especially if we are talking about how to last longer in bed. Sex therapists would agree that the more you use your penis, the more adept it is at controlling its urges, therefore, allowing you to last longer than normal.