6 Affiliate Programs to Check Out This 2019

1. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate is a good affiliate program for experienced marketers. It offers products from around 300 brands, including the most reputable, trusted ones. Its program boasts around 40% year-on-year commission growth, so it’s a great option everyone.

2. PartnerStack

PartnerStack focuses on software products tools and promotion. According to them, 30% of the software sold on their platform comes through channel partners. Thus, if your readers has a specific software interest, this is a good website to explore.

3. Fiverr Affiliates Program

Are you a newbie who is looking for reliable affiliate marketing training courses? Fiverr is a large digital service marketplace with more than 11 million users. You wouldn’t have a hard time exploring around tits interface because of its user-friendly dashboard. It even offers a generous commission plan even for newbie affiliate marketers.

4. Amazon Associates

Feel free to start your affiliate marketing journey through Amazon Associates. Its vast marketplace takes care of almost the entire sales process, and it can even warm up the leads for you. This is an amazing platform providing a good money-making avenue even without a strong affiliate marketing background. With Amazon, you can earn money online in Malaysia.

5. eBay Partner Network

Joining eBay’s partner network is a great approach for both experienced and newbie affiliate marketers. Feel free to advertise your eBay products on your blog, and social media pages. Then, get commissions from each product sold through your link.

6. ClickBank

ClickBank offers 5 million digital products in more than 20 categories, reaching around 200 million around the globe. There is no question as to why it is a popular option among affiliate marketers. It is also known for its reliable, regular payouts and high commissions.