Develop your Kid’s Musical IQ

Do you think listening to Mozart and Beethoven can really help your kid’s IQ? Well, parenting is not just about purchasing expensive and beautiful baby bibs in Malaysia. It also involves helping them develop their creative skills. When it comes to music, it’s best to start early.

Are you familiar with the Mozart effect? The premise of this concept is that to improve your kid’s spatial and mathematic reasoning, you should expose him or her to classical music early on. This was promulgated by Don Campbell, a music educator. Quite simply, what he was trying to say is that listening to classical music can help stimulate babies’ brain development process.

The real value of music

The Mozart Effect is a controversial concept, but many parents still believe that there is some truth to it. They queue in music for their babies, in hopes to foster their little one’s musical abilities early on in life. Apart from this, there are quite a lot of ways to improve your kid’s musical intelligence.

1.Make music together.

Music and DIY go well together. It has been noted that in Nigeria, dads make special drums only for their toddlers. Then, they use chopsticks and wooden spoons to make good music. Let this serve as an inspiration for you. Spend quality time with your child.

2.Go see live music together.

Take your kid to a concert, or a place where musicians perform live. You don’t need to take her to an expensive, fancy event. Just one that can show your child the beauty of making music.

3.Sing to your child.

According to research, infants as young as 2 months can already recognize melody. In fact, they can already differentiate the voice of their mom and dad. Sing to your kid so she can practice differentiating different pitches.

4.Make car time quality time.

Make sure that you have a playlist of your child’s favorite music in your car. Sing along while driving. As your kid gets older, you can introduce new genres such as jazz, show tunes and classical music.