For First-Time Moms: The Breastfeeding Experience

1.Your breasts no longer belong to you.

Those baby milk bottles from Malaysia are not the only property of your baby. Even your boobs now belong to your little one. It officially becomes the mechanism to nurse your child. Your modesty and your own needs no longer matter.

2.Breastfeeding can be isolating.

Pregnancy, giving birth, parenting and breastfeeding are life changing. Going out of the house is nearly impossible. If you happen to go out, you might need to go in a corner once in a while to breastfeed.

3.You will experience a lot of weird feelings.

Expect a ton of weird sentiments and feelings. Things might turn from maddening to painful. There will be odd sensations all over your own body. Expect a roller coaster of emotions all throughout the breastfeeding stage.

4.Breastfeeding is in itself an unpredictable journey.

There is a vast range of factors that can impact your own breastfeeding journey, from low breast milk supply to inverted nipples. At some point, you will think that you are not doing enough for your child.

5.Breastfeeding can be painful.

You can never prepare your nipples for breastfeeding. Many moms spend the first few weeks of with bleeding, cracked nipples.

6.Breastfeeding requires commitment.

It takes lots of patience and time in establishing a good breastfeeding relationship with your child. Expect yourself to be confined inside your home for quite some time, holding your crying child.