Landing Page vs. Website Homepage: When Do You Use Which?

Do you want to create a new website for your business? That would be a great idea if you want to improve your online presence. Make the most out of it by focusing on the web design of your homepage and landing pages.

Homepage versus Landing Page versus Homepage

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages which are focused on generating more visitors in order to take action. A landing page is created for the mere purpose of getting more traffic from different sources. It is the page you should link to in your paid advertising, email and social media campaigns.


The homepage is the very first page that people see on your website. A good homepage will give users an idea of what the business offers.


Websites are composed of may interconnected webpages that all have information about your business. It may contain a blog, a forum, and other interactive features. Your own website can have multiple landing pages, depending on its marketing efforts.

When to Use Landing Pages

  • When launching new products and services
  • When rebranding, and implementing and a new branding strategy
  • When implementing marketing campaigns. Your marketing campaign can work a lot better, since you can encourage users to sign up by utilizing social proof, and showing enough information
  • When promoting a webinar or lead magnet or a webinar

When to use Websites

  • When providing interested parties with significant information about your company
  • When directing them to specific pages or blog posts on your website
  • Whenever you need to explain your mission and vision

At the end of the day, remember that homepages, landing pages and websites all it well together. You can use them all at the same time, depending on your marketing promotions and campaigns.