What Roulette Should You Play


Firstly, think clear of your purposes first. Looking for a decent roulette match, or is it just for entertainment? If you’re only playing for fun, choose the one you find most entertaining. Yet bear in mind the higher the edge of the building, the less lucrative the chances are. Many casinos give players the edge of the house freely which makes it convenient for you. The single 0 European wheel, for example, has a house edge of 2.7 percent, while the 00 American wheel has a house edge of 5.26 per cent. So the European single 0 wheel is better for playing on.

All bets have the same house edge, with one exception from the American wheel. Research more on the info about the edge of the building, odds and roulette payouts. You just have to find true physical wheels if you are trying to play seriously. The only reason you ‘d suggest RNG is if you’re trying to find a bug in the RNG algorithm which will decide the number you gain.

As a professional player, due to the reduced edge of the house you would normally start with the European wheels. But more importantly, the methods that legitimately beat roulette on both American and European wheels are effective. A strategy that achieves half winning percent edge on an American wheel on a European wheel can achieve an even higher edge. But it’s not just the number layout of a wheel which decides your point. Especially, it is what makes spins repetitive. An example of this could be actual wheel flaws.


If you’re something of a casual player, and dabble in the odd entertainment system, keep this in mind: what you’re betting on is inconsistent. It’s the difference between chances and payoff that counts. Odds are your chance to win, not just earn. And, when you win, reward is what you get paid. The edge is the gap between the odds and payouts, or more accurately the predicted outcome. If your estimations aren’t any more precise than random, then the house edge will be your expectation.

And the bottom of the building is to the benefit of the casino, not yours. So, pay close attention to the edge of the house. If you’re trying to beat every casino game, even roulette, then you need to target the system that decides the amount you win. Where actual concrete wheels are used, the mechanism is that of the wheel and ball. Remember this too when you are playing online roulette.