WordPress Hosting versus Shared Hosting

Are you searching for the top web hosting companies in Malaysia? Creating your first blog is both an amazing and overwhelming experience, and there are plenty of things to focus on. One of them is the most appropriate web hosting plan, based on your blogging goals.

Two of the most common types of web hosting are WordPress hosting and shared hosting. Which one do you think is better for you? Well, before finalizing your research, you need to do comprehensive research first. The choice you will make will be crucial to your success.

What is the difference between the two?

Shared hosting is the favorite plan of those website owners who are just starting out. Whether you are putting up a personal blog or ecommerce website, this is a good choice to start with. In this kind of setup, the website is situated on a computer server, together with several other websites. You will share the resources with other websites, but the advantage is that, it’s a lot cheaper.

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is a service optimized specifically for WordPress websites. It is the most popular content management system used today, and is known for being secure, reliable and fast. This web hosting plan can also be managed. This means that the updates of the server, as well as other technical aspects, are handled by seasoned professionals.

The Advantages of Shared Hosting

The biggest advantage of this type of hosting is the cost. Also, many shared hosting choices provide unlimited storage for websites, so it can expand and grow without running out of space.

A shared web hosting plan doesn’t lock users into the WordPress content management system. You are free to utilize any platform that you want to publish and develop the website.

The Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

This is the cheapest option, so several critic say that users would get what they pay for. The problem is that, here, you share all of the resources on the server, including CPU processing power and usage. If one of the websites in the same server encounters a traffic spike, then that incident would pull away most of the resources on your platform.

The Advantages of WordPress Hosting

The greatest advantage of working with a WordPress specific website host is that your own web pages will run fast–thank you to advanced server caching. This will also help your website rank higher on search engines. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about updates, since everything would be automatic.

The Disadvantages of WordPress Hosting

The greatest downside to this kind of website hosting is that it is pricier compared to shared hosting. Also, it is specifically limited to the content management system of WordPress.